About Us

About Us

 SYN Concept is a platform at the intersection of fashion, artivism and sustainability

SYN WEAR, clothing brand was launched in 2023 and is managed between Denmark and Portugal.

Founded by J.P. a young Mozambican social entrepreneur and artist. She earned her degree in Social Work and later moved to Denmark. SYN is the result of a whirlwind life and accumulation of experiences in different social environments that inspired the desire to find authentic, simple, creative and inclusive solutions for a better world.

Her experience with discrimination while growing up empowered her to defy the lack of representation within social spaces. Our founder blended the knowledge, skills and passion for social development, fashion and art,  where concepts such as artivism, slow fashion and social entrepreneurship started to be a norm for every step in the day life and mindset of SYN founder J.P.

J. as the CEO of the platform works to connect people from all over the world with opportunity and tools for self development. 

"The process of creating and developing SYN reflects the influence of the UBUNTU mindset as the result of an African woman and immigrant  willing to support anyone interested in allowing humanity to be reset within unity".

SYN  Crew

"The main goal of SYN is to be a mindful driven team of dynamic people willing to express talents, passions, knowledge and especially art. We aim to be a good inspiration on breaking mental, creative,  barriers to thrive while being engaged in efficient work from the development and empowerment of societies" - J.P.

From our multinational  crew , to the models, the SYN core team incorporates a group of young talented people with backgrounds from Mozambique,  Portugal, Venezuela, Brazil and Denmark.

Board Members

CEO, Founder & Creative Director - J.P.

Marketing & Logistics - Juan Alvarez

Editor - Nicolas Nhalungo  

Software Developer - Almeida João

Photographer & Creative Director - Pedro Clemente

Models -  Filipe Sousa Machado, Mony Lopes and Igor Tavares

Videographer - Hugo Spranger