Community Development

Community Development

Artivism (portmanteau art + activism)

Our approach is to use artivism as an agent for community development within fashion industry 

Community Development through the fashion industry

SYN flows to connect artists, expand their creativity and vision with focus on taking action for social issues while creating awareness through art then converted into wearable garment.

Profits from the platform will support  and sponsor social projects worldwide





It started as a skating program, and is now evolving into an association, Associação Skate e Educação (ASE) which is currently finalising its official registration.

Children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 are part of this Project and can participate at least twice a week to monitor their development. When they reach 18 years of age they are invited to volunteer and are given some responsibilities.

The program takes place every day including holidays.
Children and young people from the Khongolote neighbourhood participate in this project with the consent of their guardian by filling out a form that has a symbolic cost of 10.00MT. Registration takes place in February each year.

This program aims to empower children and youth through skateboarding lessons, recreational activities, technology, citizenship and leadership in a safe and healthy environment. This program runs after school or before school according to the student's schedule.

The target audience is primary and secondary school students and when we come across someone interested in being part of our program and are not studying, we try to understand why and support them to continue with their studies. Participants receive support with school work, clarify doubts and help them better plan their time to complement their studies and skateboarding.

This program has helped to identify students with serious reading and writing problems between the fourth to sixth grade. Our goal is for students to know how to read, write, perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations. We believe that we will be providing the essentials so that the student can develop other skills.


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Designed for an easy everyday life, each product is carefully crafted to become the perfect addition to elevate any wardrobe which can transition through the seasons. Quality is always foremost in thought whilst ensuring affordability is never sacrificed to achieve this.  All our garments are protected in garment bags which are biodegradable, plastic-free and made from compostable bio-based films. That means it’ll disintegrate completely, without toxic chemicals behind, just like organic waste. Labels are made from recycled materials and all products are 100% vegan.

We pride ourselves on producing small responsible runs of collections, acting against fast fashion. Producing limited  collections yearly and set at a slower pace, allowing us time to research and source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. We are committed to creating quality garments, which last and can be worn season after season.

As a brand, we are on a journey towards sustainability and are conscious of our environmental impact.

Conscious Fashion 

Different approach and inputs from the traditional mindset  within the industry. The biased status quo that has been proven to be excluding different communities and minorities from their fragility although benefiting from their creativity.

As we’ve seen from the recent images and reports, dialogue between the realities of communities that don’t “assimilate” with the traditional standards of the fashion industry is not sustainable. Or more recently, fast fashion brings a lot of challenges to those willing to make a better change either for the lack of space for self-empowerment or for the disconnect between realities, problems and solutions.