Ethics and Strategy

Ethics and Strategy


Our flow is to connect, collaborate and empower visionary artists , and join forces to focus on creating awareness for social issues and challenge the fashion industry on practices for a new ethos.


Identity Trilogy

  1. A mindful driven team of people willing to express talents, passions, knowledge and creativity. We aim to be inspiration on breaking social, racial, financial, mental and creative barriers to thrive and be successful while being engaged in efficient work ethic and values for the development and empowerment of better societies
  2. A minimalistic clothing brand with high quality standards and collaboration with emerging artists
  3. A new narrative to challenge mainstream practices, to be innovative, create sources, spaces and voices for a new ethos contrasting the traditional mindset of the fashion industry and businesses to be more driven to community development  

Why is SYN relevant for change in the industry?

SYN allows:

  • artists to get recognised and noticed in an alternative space
  • people to reflect on fashion with a different view and encourage consumers to appreciate clothing as a way of expression with artistic perspective 
  • invest and support  small and local businesses (eg. embroidery done in a small shop in Portugal)
  • connections and networking people worldwide 
  • inspire and challenge other entrepreneurs to be more creative and open minded with their concepts
  • create a new business language, based on a organic relationships with mindful and simple interactions, rather than traditional and formal communications within professional proceedings 


How SYN applies 

  • Connecting  with emerging artists, collaborating and promoting their art/work and convert into clothing garments
  • Sponsor, and support social projects or institutions that work for communities and raise awareness of their social issues/challenges
  • Black-owned brand and multicultural team aiming to be inclusive with a solid foundation of representation for minorities in at the intersections of the fashion industry
  • Social media and website as platform for artists, members and enthusiast to follow up with the news, collections, apply for partnerships, engage, donate and  support the projects


We care about our customers and product first—how and where we make it matters. To ensure there’s no unfair or unsafe labour that goes into making our clothes we do a screening of all of our suppliers, we require that suppliers meet our standards for: social responsibility, safe working environment, better materials and manufacturing methods. We aim to seek partners and suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.

  • Organic and high quality ethically made in Portugal products
  • Limited production, pieces upon requests and pre-orders
  • Sustainable work options (plastic free packaging, low use of chemical products, scheduled wisely shipping, recycled materials)
  • Fair and good payment of retail workers as everyone involved


(portmanteau art + activism) SYN aims to use artivism as an agent for community development within fashion industry

Community Development

Through the fashion industry,  as a platform beyond the label of a clothing brand,  mainly focused on connecting artists willing to rise and expand their vision with relevance on taking action for social issues, creating awareness through art.

Profits from each collections to support social projects worldwide

Conscious Fashion 

Different approaches and inputs from the traditional mindset  within the industry. The biased status quo that has been proven to be excluding different communities and minorities from their fragility although benefiting from their creativity.

As we’ve seen from the recent images and reports, dialogue between the realities of communities that don’t “assimilate” with the traditional standards of the fashion industry is not sustainable. Or more recently, fast fashion brings a lot of challenges to those willing to make a better change either for the lack of space for self-empowerment or for the disconnect between realities, problems and solutions.

All purchases are subject to availability. The product listed on the site is always as true to accurate as possible, however in the case of error it is possible that we will not be able to fulfil your order. In this circumstance you will be informed and your product can be exchanged, or you will have the option to be repaid the initial balance. 


We cannot guarantee that colours on the website will be true to life. This depends partly on the colour settings of your computer and monitor.


We aim that our customers are able to feel the best they can in all of our products. To choose the fit you desire, measure yourself directly on your body wearing your favoured underwear.

Thank you for your support

tusind tak, obrigada




Thank you for you support

tusind tak, obrigada