SYN _ "A Visionary Mission"

SYN  _  "A Visionary Mission"


 Art platform for intersection of fashion, artivism and sustainability 

"Where Fashion meets Artivism"

Sustainability / Slow Fashion
Conscious Fashion 
Community Development

"SYN " means to see, vision, eyesight in danish


The concept comes with the idea of exploring the visionary eyesight of artists willing to collaborate on a collection to bring awareness and inspire our community to take action on new practices for sustainability or community development.

SYN empowers and supports artists’ mission and boosts the positive impact of what people see through the pieces that we collaborate to design, then afterwards expands our vision and message within the art piece flowing into a storytelling journey where we create a space of awareness of the creative process behind each collection. While connecting small and local businesses to produce garments alongside with the artists.

We provide an ecosystem for artists to collaborate with us or support social projects related community development that they might be engaged with. These activities would help cement the platform as a visionary space to connect art, activism, fashion and social entrepreneurship.

The collections are exclusive and limited editions. All the products are produced by factories and manufacturers that work with ethically and environmental values that align with our ethos and by special request or pre-order


PT 🇵🇹

SYN Concept é uma plataforma de intersecção entre moda, artivismo, desenvolvimento comunitário  e  sustentabilidade.

Em 2023 estabeleceu uma marca de roupa de edições artísticas exclusivas e limitadas de peças de vestuário e produtos produzidos em Portugal a partir de materiais naturais, reciclados e orgânicos.